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Ginny Heenan
Co-Founder & CEO
Angela Martinez
Co-Founder & President

With a career that began with helicopter flight instruction, Angela's journey has been an unconventional one, giving her a passion for developing training for hands-on trades. She has 12+ years of experience in training development and delivery in a wide range of industries, including aviation, construction, food and beverage, insurance, sales, and human resources. 

Ginny is a proven learning and development professional with extensive experience designing innovative and successful products and learning solutions that address client's goals & strategies, and leading teams to develop enterprise products for student, faculty & administrative populations at scale.

eBI Performance Solutions is a premier educational technology company committed to a singular purpose: assisting organizations in achieving their objectives by developing their people’s skills and improving performance. We develop end-to-end learning solutions for our client’s critical learning needs.


We are committed to delivering performance results through innovative, learner-centered solutions that are closely aligned to performance objectives.


We offer:

  • Professional instructional design & development of high quality learning services that span the complete learning solution lifecycle (analysis, development, and delivery services)

  • Diverse experience developing and delivering custom learning solutions on technical and soft-skill subjects for clients in a wide range of industries; 

  • Complete compliment of delivery options including white-labeled LMS and course delivery technology